About Ginny


Ginny Fraser has worked in the field of personal development since 1988.  With a BA in Communication and a background in journalism and publishing, she came across a personal development course called Insight in the mid eighties and was smitten.  She trained and studied with Insight, took on the role of managing director for six years and facilitated trainings around the world from Siberia to Brazil.  


She also trained and coached in the business world through the past twenty years, working with primarily with leadership.  Her passion is for supporting people in being their true, natural and authentic selves and leading much more fulfilling lives from that standpoint - whether they have cancer or not!  


Ginny Fraser is a fully accredited Health Creation Mentor.


She was diagnosed with melanoma in 1994 with recurrences in 1996 and 2001.  She recovered from the Stage IV disease in 2002 (using some very unconventional methods). This and the fact she has remained free of cancer since that time inspired her to broaden her coaching work and assist people facing cancer themselves. 



Read Ginny's story of her recovery from cancer here.









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